Cthulhu and the ninth wave
Cthulhu and the ninth wave

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The landscape is originally a painting from Ivan Aivazovsky 
The Landscape is partially altered and repainted digitally to match the overpainted Cthulhu.

The landscape work is in Public Domain since it is from 1850.

The idea was to regain back some fun with the series by painting mythological creatures instead of pop culture phenomenons. In this case the lighting situation inspired the appearance of Cthulhu.

Why did I do that?
Actually the intention behind this is to learn from the old masters, I don´t want to limit myself to mastercopies - but something new inspired by the old AND the new.

This is part of a study-series, called "Ancient Kaiju project"

If you want it as a large wallpaper 2550 px wide, check out the patreon page to download it (for free) ;)


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